An Introduction to Save Human Action Organization

Save Human Action Organization is a non-governmental international organization registered in the United States, whose founder is Hu Jiaqi, a famous Chinese anthropologist.

The organization holds that the continuing development of science and technology without any control is bound to exterminate mankind soon, and that the world must be united to strictly restrict the development of science and technology. Spreading widely the existing safe and mature science and technology throughout the world, humans will have enough food and clothing. Mankind shouldn’t be too greedy and asking for things immoderately from science and technology will certainly be rewarded with destruction. Therefore, mankind must awaken as a whole.

Save Human Action Organization is devoted to promoting an awakening movement of all mankind in a peaceful manner to save mankind from extinction.

The aim of Save Human Action Organization is: devoted to promoting an awakening movement of all mankind in a peaceful manner, making all mankind recognize that the continuing development of science and technology is bound to exterminate mankind soon,and that only by achieving the great unification of mankind, adopting the power of world government and firmly restricting the development of science and technology can we save mankind from extinction. And further make all mankind realize that the great unity society is another society suitable for bringing universal happiness to all mankind. And further make all mankind realize that the Great Unity Society is a society suitable for  bring common well being to all mankind. This is because the social form of great unification is particularly suitable for building human society into a peaceful, friendly and non-competitive society with equal wealth, in which the common well-being is the strongest. Our organization is engaged in the cause of all mankind, transcending the country, the nation, the party and ideology. Our Organization is wholeheartedly loyal to all mankind, and the starting point of all interests and actions is solely for the sake of all mankind, and only for the sake of all mankind.

The working method of Save Human Action Organization is: to promote its idea globally through various means and ways to achieve its aim.Its working method will strictly adhere to two principles: one is to strictly adhere to political neutrality, not participate in and not comment on the political affairs of all countries; the other is to strictly abide by the laws and regulations of all countries to carry out our work in their territory.

Save Human Action Organization welcomes any individual or group that believes that the continuing development of science and technology is bound to exterminate mankind soon to join the Organization and make their own efforts to promote the awakening movement of mankind.

Ways of Joining Save Human Action Organization:

Firstly, the application is usually submitted through the official website of the organization, and the current official website is Membership application is made on the "Join Us" channel of the official website.

Secondly, if the official web is not accessible in some districts, applications can be made through the following two ways: 1) applications can be submitted by mail; 2) applications can be made in writing.

The current email address of application for joining the organization is:;

The postal address of the organization is: Room 1007, Floor 10, Building B, Veristrong Industrial Centre, 34-36 Au Pui Wan Street, Fo Tan, Sha Tin, New Territories, Hong Kong, China.