Hu Jiaqi: A Mission Makes Him Devote His Energy of His Whole Life - Record the Call from Dušan Bella, the Ambassador of the Slovak Republic to China

Hu Jiaqi, a famous anthropologist, an entrepreneur and a member of Beijing Mentougou District Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, has studied human problems for 40 years. At the end of April 2019, Hu Jiaqi took the opportunity of publishing Saving Humanity (English edition) in North America and posted the fourth open letter to the leaders of mankind together with his book to the world leaders, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, the world's top scientists and scholars, and world-renowned media.

In his letter, Hu Jiaqi appealed to human leaders to shoulder the sacred responsibility of saving human beings. He also called on human beings to be vigilant and united as soon as possible, to limit the continued development of science and technology, and to avoid the rapid extinction of human beings.

On May 23, 2019, Mr. Dušan Bella, the Ambassador of the Slovak Republic to China, telephoned Hu Jiaqi, saying that he had read Saving Humanity (English version) thoroughly and felt extremely shocked. He believed the book was deafening and thought-provoking. Moreover, he strongly agreed with Hu Jiaqi's views in the book and letter, and highly praised Mr. Hu's persistent spirit for decades, hoping to have the opportunity for further exchange. The Ambassador Bella said that he would certainly forward the letter to the President. He also hoped that Hu Jiaqi could send two more books, one for his collection and another planned to post to the Prime Minister of Slovakia.

Mr. Hu Jiaqi sent an invitation letter to the embassy of the Slovak Republic in China, saying that he takes study of human problems as his lifelong pursuit and has devoted most of his life to the study. And he firmly believed that his research results were of vital importance to the fate of the human beings. Moreover, Mr. Hu sincerely invited the Ambassador Mr. Dušan Bella and his wife to visit his company at their convenience and hoped to visit Mr. Ambassador at his convenience.

On 24 May, Mr. Ambassador called again and accepted the invitation with pleasure, indicating that he would visit Hu Jiaqi when the time comes. Meanwhile, he expressed gratitude again to Hu Jiaqi for presenting the book, showing respect and admiration for Mr. Hu’s persistent spirit of studying human problems and persevering in campaigning.

Hu Jiaqi has received calls and replies from leaders of embassies including embassy of Sri Lanka to China, embassy of the Republic of Rwanda to China, embassy of Mexico to China, embassy of Guyana to China etc. among which the Ambassador of Guyana to China posted an autograph letter. Additionally, the top scientists and scholars such as Professor Way Kuo, the President of City University of Hong Kong; Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell, the President of University of Manchester; Sir Gregory P. Winter, the Master of Trinity College, Cambridge, and Nobel Prize winner, have also responded to express their recognition for Hu Jiaqi's research results.

In fact, this is not the first time that Hu Jiaqi wrote letter to human leaders. For 40 years, Hu Jiaqi has been fighting alone for a long time, but he has never interrupted his study and never given up appealing and promoting his views. He has written to the world leaders on several occasions, published a lot of articles on the Internet and in journals and made speeches at universities and research institutes, but very few people responded. Many people thought that Hu Jiaqi’s worry was unnecessary. He just indifferently smiled, since he firmly believed that the revolutionary truth could only be grasped by minority, and human beings needed an awakening movement. He once wrote heroic words in his poems that never give up until he reached the peak.

Shortly after being involved in human studies in 1979, Hu Jiaqi decided to engage in this research for a lifetime, and never regrets even being attacked and neglected. In 2007, Hu Jiaqi's 800,000 characters of masterpiece, Saving Humanity taking his 28 years of time and effort, has been officially published. But that was only a beginning. It was his ambition to spread his views. Hu Jiaqi knows that the mission of saving human beings will make him devote his whole life, however, he has no complaints and been persistent for this cause.

Hu Jiaqi has seen the huge crisis covered by the dance and wine. His research results have played a very important warning role. Even his views on the development of human society and the crisis faced by human beings are of pioneering significance. Mr. Liu Tingzhao, a senior journalist, well-known publisher and the chief planner of Saving Humanity, once said that the book may change the course of human history. Mr. Hu Jiaqi has been persevering in the research and promotion of human problems for a long time, and his persistent spirit is very valuable and rare.