The Famous Anthropologist Hu Jiaqi Gets a Reply from Sir Gregory Winter, the Master of Trinity College, Cambridge and Nobel Prize Winner

At the end of April 2019, Mr. Hu Jiaqi, the famous anthropologist, wrote letters with his book attached to world leaders, the UN Secretary-General, the world's top scientists and scholars, and well-known media on the occasion of the publication of Saving Humanity (English edition) in North America. He appealed to the people all over the world to act now, together, to control the irrational development of science and technology and avoid the rapid extinction of mankind.

On May 8, 2019, Sir Gregory Winter, the Master of Trinity College, Cambridge and Nobel Prize Winner wrote back to Hu Jiaqi, he was particularly grateful to Mr. Hu for his entrusting the cause of saving humanity, and expected to read Saving Humanity.

In his reply, Mr. Hu Jiaqi said that the human problem is his lifelong cause, and he has devoted most of his life to it. He believed that his research results are of vital importance to the survival and happiness of all mankind. In his letter, Hu Jiaqi specifically invited Sir Gregory Winter to come to Beijing to discuss human issues at his convenience.

 As a well-known anthropologist, Hu Jiaqi has been unremittingly studying, running and appealing for human issue for 40 years in order to avoid the extinction of human beings by science and technology, and has sent many open letters to world leaders and the UN secretary-general.

This is Hu Jiaqi's fourth letter to human leaders in which he stated the reason that "the continued development of science and technology will inevitably soon exterminate human beings, perhaps two or three hundred years or even in this century". Meanwhile, he appealed to human leaders to shoulder the sacred responsibility of saving human beings.