Jiaqi Hu (Hu Jiaqi), a Famous Anthropologist: Canadian Captured the Mysterious Signal from Universe, Should Humanity Respond?

On January 9th, the world's top academic journal Nature published a paper saying that the Canadian BC’s radio telescope captured 13 "Fast Radio Bursts" (FRBs), in which, it had a very unusual repetitive wave, came from 1.5 billion light years away. Some scientists believe that this signal is likely to come from the "light sailboat" of alien civilization.

Once this news was announced, it triggered a global debate. Although the Nature’s paper didn’t indicate that this signal must be related to alien life, many media interpreted this as a signal from alien civilization.

If it is really aliens, should human respond? To this end, I interviewed the famous anthropologist Jiaqi Hu (Chinese name Hu Jiaqi) , and he answered this question.

The famous anthropologist Jiaqi Hu (Hu Jiaqi) said in an interview: First of all, I don't think this is aliens. The radio burst is too strong. Such a strong outbreak is not caused by high-level organisms. It should be a natural phenomenon, such as a black hole, a star explosion etc. Second, even if it is true, we should not respond actively.

Humans should be cautious about the signals sent by alien life, otherwise it may destroy humanity.

Anthropologist Jiaqi Hu (Hu Jiaqi) mentioned in the article Hawking Put Forward Three Views Similar to Me, "In April 2010, Hawking pointed out that there are hundreds of billions of galaxies in the universe, and each galaxy has hundreds of millions of stars. There must be aliens on one of the planets. We should avoid contact with aliens. Never contact aliens. Otherwise, humans may be destroyed because the aliens’ ability to travel to the Earth's through the interstellar distance proved their high-end science and technology are much higher than us, and we can't compete with it. Hawking's deduction and examples are exactly the same as mine, but three years later than me.

As early as 2007, Jiaqi Hu’s book Saving Human, Volume I, Chapter 3, Section 4 (The Greatest Question, Chapter 3, Section 4) said, "If aliens can really receive our information and visit the earth with the help of science and technology that is many times more advanced than ours, what waiting for us will highly probable be the fate of the extinction of human."

The universe is vast, and the probability of repeating the FRB signal is extremely low. Some scientists believe that the natural phenomenon of the same source in the universe will only happen once, and it is highly probable that repeating signals from the same source might be man-made. If it’s true the signal is from an alien spacecraft, like some scientists said, the level of its civilization may be very high and can’t be reached by human beings.

The complex and ever-changing universe is so unfathomable. As Liu Cixin said, "Every civilization is a hunter with a gun." We can't reveal any information about the earth, because we don't know aliens’ true intentions. As Hawking said, if the aliens really visit the Earth, the scene is likely to be like that when Columbus discovered the American continent, and the ending for the Native Americans is not good.

Finally, in the interview, the famous anthropologist Jiaqi Hu (Hu Jiaqi) warned that: According to the laws of human and animal life, the strong will always despise and bully the weak, and the high civilization always despise the low civilization. When a high-civilized creature that can visit the earth reaches the earth, it will be likely not to treat us as "people" (and we are not the same specie), killing us at will, and even treating us as their food. If that day really comes, the end of our humanity will come. Therefore, today's policy makers and scientists must not continue to do things that may ruin humanity for the sake of temporary curiosity or for other purposes.