Hu Jiaqi , the Anthropologist Interviewed by Jingxi Times: Great Thoughts, Great Feelings

The Greatest Question written by the famous anthropologist Hu Jiaqi has caused great repercussions as soon as it was published. The research on human problems in the book is thought-provoking, and the view that "the continued development of science and technology will soon destroy human" is even more controversial.

The reporter of Jingxi Times interviewed him, and his article "Great Thoughts, Great Feelings" was published in Jingxi Times Phase 979.

As mentioned in the article, "He (Hu Jiaqi)'s masterpiece "The Greatest Question" is the essence of his previous book Saving Humanity...Jiaqi Hu firmly believed that the problems studied in this book are fundamentally related to the destiny and future of mankind. He creatively proposed the concept of a new "big unified society" in the world, and listed the crisis of survival to warn the world and save mankind...

He (Hu Jiaqi) wrote an open letter to 26 national leaders and also sent the book to them...We can imagine that his courage and feelings from this .

The famous anthropologist Hu Jiaqi has revealed his original intention: "Since I was inadvertently involved in the study of human problems in 1979, I decided that this will be the most important job of my life. Because, with the constant research in-depth, I am aware that mankind is facing an extremely serious disaster. This is not a general disaster, but an extinction disaster that no one survives. This is the irrational development of science and technology that rapidly pushing all mankind, mankind will have no chance to start again. The development direction and development mode of human society have made a comprehensive mistake, which has fundamentally jeopardized the overall survival and universal happiness of mankind. If we do not take measures as soon as possible, we will be doomed eternally and have a chance to start again. I have to work hard to study it and appeal it for the rest of my life."

The famous anthropologist Hu Jiaqi solemnly appealed that we should realize that while the development of science and technology is benefiting mankind, it also potentially threatens to extermination of human beings. Human beings need to keep awake and unite to defend their homeland.